How To Do Keyword Research Without Any SEO Tool In 2019

How To Do Keyword Research Without Any SEO Tool In 2019

Aslam O Alicum & Greetings to All Visitors to My Blog This article is written by Ascen Saif Ullah. Today we have an interesting topic for bloggers and YouTube professionals. Because in today’s blog post, I’m going to provide all the information about finding the best shopping keyword for your site and blogs.

If you are a blogger and run several blogs and YouTube channels, this article is for you only. After reading this, you will find the best words for daily messages.

If you are interested in an in-depth study of this topic, stay with me at the end of this post. Now let’s go with me to read the main content.

10 Ways to Find Popular Blog Keywords and Topics

Friends in the world on the Internet”, hundreds of ways have been found to find your best topic. But there I talk to you about some good and reasonable suggestions and methods. For the most popular words and topics for investigation

There I am Jutte, I give you basic information about these 10 ways, which discusses me in the list below. You can check the list of sites and tools to help you find words. A list of 10 popular sites and tools for targeting Nice (KW) for blogs and videos on the YouTube channel.

  • Google trends
  • Twitter Trends
  • whip
  • Social orientation
  • What holes
  • Agorpulas

This is the easiest and best resource list for well-studied WP materials for preparing our content. Now come back and discuss, so here we are going to start small discussions on each source.

1. Google Trends

If we search and talk about the most popular topics on the Internet, then in the results we can find Google Trends for the first time. Because Google has data from almost all over the world. And research-based transactions are crucial every day.

Google has many services for analysis. Google Trades is the best choice among them to study trending topics. You will search for any topic here and study the amount that it will receive. You will also search for a specific country as an industry search to make a more specific goal.

You can find out by clicking on the state name by state name and providing detailed local information that will help you find the most targeted words for your target market.

2. Twitter Trends for Keywords

Difficult to determine a person! While the idea has existed for a long time, Twitter has presented a list of current trends to the attention of people directly on their home page and profile pages. Thanks to the mood of the nation, this is still easiest, thanks to the certification of current political and cultural trends. When you perform a hashtag search, you can see international trends according to your wishes or move on to trends for a specific country.

If you have a budget, then you can think more about the designation of “promoted trends” on Twitter. This hashtag may appear at the top of the list on the main page of the target area. Submit your name in a hashtag for the right effects

3. Social attention to job blog topics

This is a precautionary measure that analyzes content across a very wide range of websites. It is simply not limited to the main network, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as hundreds of sites, as well as Dig, YouTube. FriendFeed and some things created by users. Make content to learn the subject.

For any question, social networks provide you with a list of influential people, that is, people who publish materials on one topic and one on a social network, and make many followers and assignments popular. You can understand potential partners and newspapers from this list.

4. Keyhole for finding keywords

Hole is a unique tool that allows you to find hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, and Embedmag. It works like Google Alerts, leaving social networks. Therefore, you will set an alert for a specific topic and rate it during this period.

If necessary – use it as a protection for your achievements – even if you have the resources, although the dedicated person looks at all the details of this application about the anxiety of your era and immediately answers any problems or criticism.

5. Trends Tops Agoraful

Agorpulus is a tool specifically designed to promote competitors and various advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Insama. However, at the same time, you provide the opportunity to create individual quality and specialize you on Twitter for special keywords.

How To Do Keyword Research Without Any SEO Tool In 2019

His analysis clearly shows which ones are your most effective FB tweets and posts. To get an idea of ​​a wide range of topics, as well as carefully expand the posts in recent weeks and a list of keywords.

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